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Growing up during the Golden Age of hip hop, the founders were inspired by urban fashion as a form of identity.

We believe fashion is a way to define yourself, not conform. That's why Collection Plate delivers one-of-a-kind, avant-garde designs - high fashion collections that let you paint your own identity.

Our sneakers and apparel feature premium materials and quality construction combined with bold, artistic details. Each piece is a canvas for self-expression. Our mission is to bring a fresh perspective to streetwear culture by always staying ahead of the curve.

Collection Plate draws inspiration from music, art and culture then transforms it into wearable fashion. 

Whether you're looking for an everyday statement piece or a show-stopping outfit for the weekend, we help you elevate your style and exude confidence.

People who wear Collection Plate value individuality over fitting in. Our designs inspire you to freely express your personal tastes and perspective through fashion.

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