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Express Yourself.

Collection Plate was created by sneaker heads with a passion for individual style and self-expression. Growing up during the Golden Age of hip hop, the founders were inspired by urban fashion as a form of identity.

Elevate Your Style.

Join our community of innovators, creators and trailblazers. With Collection Plate, you can define yourself while pushing culture forward. Make a statement that represents you.

Once viewed as merely athletic wear, sneakers have evolved into sought-after cultural staples blazing new trails in street fashion. Bringing a fresh pair of kicks to life is no simple feat. 
Behind every iconic sneaker is an intricate design process. Creating a sneaker from scratch requires meticulous craftsmanship, eye-catching design and innovative engineering.
Collection Plate had the great opportunity to activate at the CURLS On The Runway event in Atlanta to release the brand new Love & Hip Hop Sneaker! 

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