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Make a Splash with the MANTA Collection

The MANTA Collection from Collection Plate draws design inspiration from the majestic manta rays that co-founder, Josef McNeal, watched glide through the Florida waters growing up.

With their mammoth wingspans and effortless movement, mantas symbolize nature's innovation and the founder's vision to launch an ambitious new sneaker brand making its own waves in the footwear industry.

The premium materials featured on the uppers capture the grace and shape of mantas' distinctive horns, fins and tail. With plush cushioning and grip, MANTA sneakers are made for all-day wear, whether seaside or downtown. 

The collection also includes hats and socks featuring a custom manta ray logo, allowing customers to complement their kicks with matching apparel. 

The MANTA Collection launched in Spring 2023 and has already made waves in the sneakerhead community. By drawing design cues from his childhood memories of coastal Florida, Josef created an innovative sneaker that blends natural inspiration with urban streetwear style. The innovative design, combined with top-notch materials and comfort make the MANTA Collection sneaker a must-have for any savvy sneaker collector or streetwear fan. 

Dive into the MANTA Collection to explore the depths of quality and comfort. The mantas that first inspired the brand now inspire wearers to make their own waves with these aquatic-themed sneakers.

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