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Catch Waves in the Vibrant MANTA Cubbedge Road Sneaker

Inspired by the bright, beautiful beaches along Florida's Cubbedge Road, the MANTA Cubbedge Road colorway brings the lively hues of the coast to your feet.

Co-founder, Josef McNeal, drew inspiration from beaches he frequented growing up to design the Cubbedge Road Sneaker.

Collection Plate MANTA Collection Cubbedge Road Sneaker

The aqua upper represents the sunny blue skies of Florida while paneling in shades of blue reflect the shades of the sea, from surf blue to stormy navy. Sea moss green accents represent the tropical flora along the shoreline, while pops of orange mirror the stunning Floridian sunsets. The sandy midsole resembles the sandy beaches and premium cushioning ensures all-day wearable comfort, from the coast to the concrete. 

The MANTA Cubbedge Road Sneaker fuses the laidback vibes of the beach with streetwise style. From weekend waves to weekday strides, the MANTA Cubbedge Road keeps you coasting in style. Premium materials recreate the seaside palette of Josef's old stomping grounds.  Bring the spirit of the ocean along wherever you go in the vibrant Cubbedge Road Sneaker. Draw inspiration from sandy days gone by while making new footprints in these beach-inspired kicks.

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