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MANTA Azalea Lane Sneaker Pays Homage to the First Jordan's with Original Flair

The Azalea Lane Sneaker pays tribute to the first Air Jordans that co-founder, John Dellinger, bought as a kid growing up on Azalea Lane.

After months of mowing lawns, he finally had enough to purchase the coveted white, red, and black high-tops. 

The MANTA Azalea Lane Sneaker mirrors the iconic Jordan color scheme while incorporating original design elements. A white leather upper pops against energetic red and black accents, along with royal blue zig zag stitching. 

MANTA Azalea Lane Sneaker

Strolling down Azalea Lane in his new Jordans, John dreamed up his own shoe designs. Now, the Azalea Lane Sneaker brings that vision to life, transforming the classic Jordan tri-color palette into contemporary streetwear while adding the brand’s signature flair. 

The Azalea Lane colorway connects the founder's beginnings to modern style. By honoring the first Jordans that sparked his passion, while adding custom details, the Azalea Lane Sneaker pays homage to the past while looking to the future of original sneaker design.

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