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Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop in the MANTA Love & Hip Hop Sneaker

Marking the 50th anniversary of hip hop's revolutionary emergence, the Love & Hip Hop sneaker pays tribute to the culture that has defined generations. 

Each element of the design was carefully curated by the founders to represent what hip hop means to them personally. The color black signifies hip hop's roots rising up from African American urban communities. Red accents reflect the blood, sweat, and passion fueling hip hop's constant evolution through five decades of innovation. Grey indicates hip hop’s links to “old school” history and acknowledgement of the pioneers who paved the way. The cracked leather upper represents city buildings covered in graffiti, while the patent leather nods to the vinyl records spun by pioneering DJs. 

With premium details and materials, the Love & Hip Hop sneaker embodies hip hop's spirit, from the streets where it was born to the global force it has become. 

The Love & Hip Hop Sneaker says happy 50th to the culture that has shaped music, fashion, and self-expression for millions. Lace up these commemorative kicks to celebrate hip hop's past, present and future. 

Because real hip hop will love you back.

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